MtaaNet is an online platform for connecting people within and across electoral zones and is inspired by the golden rule “love thy neighbour”. Mtaa is Swahili for city or hood and Net is short for network.

Its key functionality is content sharing and profile networking and is supported by monthly membership fees upon registration. For instance, the platform enables Members to connect with each other for business, careers, politics, spirituality, spouse matching and welfare support which includes food relief, house rent, school fees, startup capital, medical aid and court-annexed mediation.

The platform is unique from other digital media due to its clutter-free structure, mobile device optimisation, safety of members, revenue sharing model and social impact strategy focused on job creation.

The target channels are corporate, faith-based and political leaders in community outreach programmes.

MtaaNet is managed by Nabii McKnight & Associates incorporated in United Kingdom (#13333220), hosted by Data Servers in France and registered by Kenya Copyright Board under the Copyright Act, Constitution of Kenya and International Treaties (#RZ41100).

We are recruiting Affiliate, Board and Team Members who can introduce MtaaNet to various audiences and earn X% Commission monthly as agreed in Annual General Meetings.

We seek to raise KES XXX Million from private Investors who have a minimum of KES XXX,XXX in projection of XX% ROI annually and preferential allocation in future rounds. Members who introduce such Investors shall earn X% Brokerage Fee one-off.

We receive payments via Equity Bank, M-Pesa Paybill and Credit/Debit Cards powered by Stripe which serves global brands such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

The excellence of our previous work has received various awards and recognition including attracting an offer (unclosed deal) for KES 10 Million at KCB Lions’ Den, a franchise of Shark Tank, USA.

Our Mission is to create over 1 million jobs directly globally.

See you inside,
Logo: Nabii McKnight & Associates
Registered Office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ, London, United Kingdom.

Legal Address: Chege Kibathi & Co. Advocates LLP, Hughes Building, Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.